• Penetrates deep into the concrete
  • Very good impermeability
  • Produces dense and durable concrete
  • Reduces chloride and sulphate penetration
  • Prevents corrosion in structures
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • UV resistant, no topping or protection required, can be overcoated
  • Cannot be damaged, no debond as it is a subsurface membrane
  • Suitable for use in contact with potable water
  • Remains active through out the life of concrete
  • No protection boards required when backfilling
  • Reseals hairline cracks (self healing) on contact with maisture
  • Can be used with concrete containing PFA, GBFS, or Silica fume e -lncreases usefullife of structure
  • lncreases concrete's hardness


  • New generation waterproofing system specially for aggressive environment for below and above grade applications

  • For various applications in concrete structures including marine and coastal structures, rafts, precast panels, water storage tanks, highways, runways, roofs, decks, bridges, cut and cover tunnels, silos, car parks, swimming pools, pipes, Iift pits, etc.


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