Challenges & Solutions

With water consumption rising sharply and the increasing scarcity of water resources, wastewater treatment is becoming more and more important. Sewage treatment plants are constantly exposed to damage simply due to their daily usage profile, a fact that represents a significant challenge in both their construction and repair. Whether you’re a plant operator, a specifier, a designer or an expert applicator, from initial planning through to final inspection we will support you with our know-how, extensive experience and sustainable product systems: individually, expertly and with practical, tailored solutions.

Protection of reinforced concrete from heavy mechanical attack

Protection of reinforced concrete sewage structures from heavy mechanical attack
Protection of reinforced concrete sewage structures from heavy mechanical attack
Protection of reinforced concrete sewage structures from heavy mechanical attack
High-performance coatings from MC offer ideal protection

In inlet channels, coarse and fine screen systems, sand traps, screw pump lifting stations and on scraper trackways, reinforced concrete has to withstand very high levels of mechanical wear and tear on a daily basis. This can lead to reduced performance and – especially in screw pump lifting stations – escalating energy costs.

With MC-RIM PROTECT-MR, a highly abrasion-resistant, mineral- based surface protection coating, wall and floor surfaces are ideally protected from mechanical attrition. The coating is particularly suited to applying a precision lining in screw troughs while the screw continues to rotate. For the repair of scraper trackways, which require a thicker protective coat, we offer the highly sulphate-resistant surface protection material MC-RIM PROTECT H, a product especially formulated for such applications.

Durable repair and protection of open sewage tanks and basins

Long-lasting protection with MC-RIM PROTECT

Reinforced concrete is the most frequently used material for structures such as sand traps, grease traps, screening plants, primary clarifiers, aeration tanks or secondary clarifiers. Due to the continuous, intensive usage of these facilities, the wall and floor surfaces are subjected to a range of mechanical and chemical attack phenomena. In the long term, these can damage the supporting structure and, in extreme cases, can result in complete failure of the construction.

With their low porosity and high resistance to media found in sewage, coatings such as MC-RIM PROTECT, MC-RIM PROTECT-ST or MC-RIM PROTECT-H offer an ideal solution for repairing open tanks and basins in accordance with the stringent requirements applicable to sewage treatment plants. To reduce facility downtimes, the entire repair process needs to be carried out as quickly as possible with a coating that offers true durability. Satisfying these requirements, our proven MC-RIM product line has been certified by independent testing institutes to demonstrate a service life of more than 30 years.

Reliable protection for enclosed structures

Durable surface protection against biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion

Reinforced concrete is exposed to significant chemical attack in the gas zones of enclosed structures, such as aeration basins, sludge thickeners and digestion tanks and towers. The cause is a bacterial degradation process that creates gaseous hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Bacterial transformation leads to the formation of sulphuric acid, resulting in significant corrosive attack on the structure (biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion or BSAC). Mineral-based coating and construction products are not capable of providing the resistance and resilience necessary to counteract this attrition.

This is where MC-PowerPro HCR, a duroelastic, two-component reaction resin, comes into play. The coating combines outstanding acid resistance with crack-bridging properties, thus providing reliable BSAC protection. The combination of MC-RIM PROTECT or MC-RIM PROTECT-ST with MC-PowerPro HCR delivers particularly durable surface protection for reinforced concrete in enclosed structures employed in wastewater treatment.

Sealing of cracks and preservation of the building fabric

Sealing of cracks and preservation of concrete sewage structures
Sealing of cracks and preservation of concrete sewage structures
Sealing of cracks and preservation of concrete sewage structures
Waterproofing of structures with high-performance injection systems

Sewerage structures are in direct contact with subsoil and ground water. They must therefore be made leak-proof so as to prevent untreated sewage from contaminating the environment. If cracks do occur, both the environment and the structural safety of the construction concerned are put at risk. With the MC-Inject product family MC-Bauchemie provides high-performance, proven injection systems for precisely this type of challenge.

Click here for a range of suitable products, plus information regarding our many years of experience in sealing and stabilising injection applications.

Repair of damaged joints

Reliable sealing with MC’s proven joint sealants and mouldings

Joints are critical to the integrity of wastewater structures. Bearing in mind that the PU-based sealants typically used for such applications are subjected to the same levels of attrition as the high-performance coatings used for the walls and floors, it is essential that the right joint systems are selected.

For decades, flexible PU sealants such as Mycoflex 450 have been used successfully in open treatment basins. Provided they are professionally installed, they resist water pressure and flow, as well as typical chemical attacks and microorganisms. If joints are exposed to a wider range of chemical phenomena, the Mycoflex Resyst system provides optimum protection.

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